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About LSC

The Large Binocular Camera (LBC) is a two channel imaging instrument located at the prime focus stations of the Large Binocular telescope (LBT). The two channels have very similar field of view, and are optimized for the blue (LBC-Blue) and red (LBC-Red) wavelengths.
Thanks to its wide field capability (equivalent to 23â x 26â per channel) and high throughput, LBC is one of the most efficient imagers available on ground based telescopes, and will allow several frontier researches in many astronomical sectors.
LBC produces an impressive amount of data: at least 70Gb of raw data are produced in a single night, using the full binocular configuration. The experience of previous wide field imagers shows that a prompt exploitation of the data requires a full characterization of the instrument and the development of dedicated data processing tools. Such tools are mandatory to execute the large surveys that are being planned by the Italian community.
Such amount of RAW data requires a systematic approach both for data handling and archiving both for data reduction itself.
A Database of RAW datas has been created in order to allow users and program P.I.s to easily navigate through scientific images and download datas.
The LBC Survey Center (LSC) has been set up in january 2007 to support the italian community in the exploitation of the LBC data.
Specifically, the main goals of the first year of the LSC operations have been identified in:
    1) the development and distribution of software specifically designed for LBC;
    2) the analysis of the LBC commissioning data and the preparation of the relevant User Manual and Calibration Plan;
    3) The analysis and distribution of the data taken during the Science Demonstration Time;
    4) The analysis and distribution of the private data taken during the Italian Time;
    5) Create a database retrieving facility for all LBC community.
At this link it is possible to download the report about the activities and results obtained by the LSC during 2007 (download).
During 2008 were obtained the following goals:
  • optimization of whole architecture of ad-hoc pipeline reduction and analysis procedures
  • reduced and pre-reduced database of images fairly linked to RAW database datas
  • LSC web portal and facility build-up
The final goal is to automate the scientific data trip starting from their creation to reach the download by P.I. users.