LSC Data Centre - OnLine Help


The LSC web Portal allows Italian P.I. users to retrieve and interact with LBC pre-reduced and final observation data.
The aim of our web portal is to help PI users to interact friendly with LSC Team Members in order to obtain all best reduced scientific images needed for their studies to reach the most scientific impact for LBC observation.


The registration to our portal is simple just click on the register link to open the registration page and insert all sensitive user information such as username, password, e-mail address and the verification pass-phrase (to prevent from spam account creation).
If you forget your password it is possible to reset it using the Reset Password tool.

User Levels

The LSC web portal was created to be accessible at many user levels:
  • the Administrator to manage users, privileges and all portal operations
  • the LBC-Team member that are special users with particular privileges to planning operations in all portal operations
  • the INAF user, that are the Principal Investigators of the observations and has the possibility to select datas from queries, downloads and grant privileges to other users.
  • the simple registered user (we will call Guest user) with no particular permission except if any INAF user granted his privileges to him. Such user-level is common for fellows or Observation Co-PIs and can select/download only public datas or granted datas.

Preliminar Operations

After the user registration you must follow the link present in the email registration message to activate your account and start enjoing the LSC portal.
If you are PI of any LBC observation you should ask to LSC administrator to upgrade your userlevel to INAF-user specifying your LBC Proposal Identification and Title together with your Co-PI list and granted users (if you want to allow other registered users to access to your private data). To perform this operation you can follow the "mail LSC-admin" link.

Image Queries

There are two main areas on the LSC web portal, after the user login:
  • main login page
  • navigation links (on the upper-right)
On the main window is it possible to query images from several databases (Reduced Fields, RAW MEFs, Pre-reduced MEFs, Calibration) using different values of several useful keywords:
    Observation Data
    Observation Type
    Exposure Time
    Number of Exposures
    Max Seeing
    Max Background
It is also possible to perform a cone-search around a particular RA/DEC position within a radius [arcmin].
Once the query is performed and the images are selected, it is possible to check all image properties such as Target, Type, Description, FileName, Channel, Filter, DateObs, TotExposure, N.Exposures, RA, DEC, PI_Name, ProposalName, Airmass, Seeing, FWHM, SkyBack, Elongation, Details and Thumbnails as weel as tricromy if available.
So the user may select all desidered images ad retrieve a zip password-protected archive that will remain available for about a week on the download area of the LSC web space.

On the navigation box there are lots of available actions depending on the userlevel:

for GUEST userlevel
    a) home
    b) login/logout
    c) user preferences
    d) user mailbox
    e) mail lsc-admin
for INAF userlevel
    a) home
    b) login/logout
    c) user preferences
    d) reduction status
    e) lbc wiki
    f) user mailbox
for LBC-Team userlevel
    a) home
    b) login/logout
    c) user preferences
    d) issue tracks
    e) reduction status
    f) lbc wiki
    g) user mailbox
for Administrator userlevel
    a) home
    b) login/logout
    c) user preferences
    d) issue tracks
    e) reduction status
    f) lbc wiki
    g) user mailbox
    h) edit db-list
    i) edit userlist
    l) edit issue tracks
    m) edit wiki
    n) edit logs

LSC-Wiki Pages

The wiki page is intend to share all principal information and documents through the LSC portal to all LSC INAF users.
A INAF user can add/modify personal wiki-posts as weel as adding/delete documents.
It is also possible to comment all other proprietary wiki posts; in this eventuality the author of the main post will be notified of a new comment to its post.

Reduction Status

Once an LBC Observing Plan has been acquired, ths LSC staff will queue alla data by Observing Block (OB) in the Reduction Status Queue.
It is possible to check for data existence and acquisition as well as its reduction status.
It is also possible to request to the LSC staff to queue a new proposal dataset, filling all required fields in the specific form.

Issues Track

Any operation, work or job to be implemented is going to be traced in a special utility named Issues Track.
The status descriotion and users comments can be attached to the list, as well as the status and the priority of the whole job.
It is also possible to assigne the job to some users to be performed within some expiration date (at the completition the issues author will be notified by e-mail).
The Issues Track is intent to be used by only LBC-Team members.

Users Mailbox

Any registered user has a MAILBOX utility to take trace and manage all comunications and message sent and arrived within the LSC web portal.
An INAF user can send ad receive mail-message from the LSC Portal (it can access to its INBOX/OUTBOX directory and compose new messages).
A Guest user can only receive comunication by other users (it can access only to its INBOX directory).
The Administrator user can also send important messages to all database registered users as a mailing list utility (it can access to its INBOX/OUTBOX directory and compose messages and mailing lists).

Log Messages

Every operation performed, warning, error and autentication mismatch is traced in the LSC web portal.
For security reasons the log manage (delete/back-up) and parsing is permitted only to Administrator.

LBC A.P.O.D. and Gallery

The LBC activity goal is to picture the whole sky.
In the LSC is featured a reduced LBC Image Gallery and a simple utility that returns a different sky picture all days (LBC A Picture Of The Day).