LSC APOD RSS Feed Astronomy Picture of the Day.en-ENCopyright 2009 - Stefano Gallozzi & LSC TeamAugust 24, 2019, 2:01 pmAugust 24, 2019, 2:01 pm1LSC APOD RSS Feed<p><b>MOSAIC of SN2011dh in J band. </b><br clear="all"/>J2000 Coordinates:- RA=13:30:05.1200697,13:30:05.1200312,13:29:35.7008938 DEC=+47:10:11.299840,+47:10:11.299765,+47:10:11.064479<br clear="all"/>Filter Used: J(LUCI1-IMA),H(LUCI1-IMA),Ks(LUCI1-IMA)<br clear="all"/>P.I. Name: turatto<br clear="all"/>Observations performed the 2011-06-25<br clear="all"/>Total exposure time= 0.03,0.02,0.01 hours<br clear="all"/>Mean seeing= 0.74,0.65,0.69 arcsec.<br clear="all"/>Reduction Details: <a href="">link_0</a> <a href="">link_1</a> <a href="">link_2</a> </p><br clear="all"/><a href="" target="new"><img src="" align="left"alt="MOSAIC of SN2011dh in J band." title="MOSAIC of SN2011dh in J band." border="0" /></a> <p><a href=""></a> LSC Search APODLSC Search APODquery Survey Centre DBastrophysicAugust 24, 2019, 2:01 pm