LSC Data Centre - Usage

LSC Usage

LBC P.I. users can use the LSC web Portal interface to retrieve and interact with LSC Team in order to obtain and organize all LBC data reduction concerning to their Observing Plan and according to any required strategy.
The aim of our web portal is to help PI users to interact friendly with LSC Team Members in order to obtain all best reduced scientific images needed for their studies to reach the most scientific impact for LBC observation.
Once a user is registered he need to contact the LSC Administrator in order to enhance its userlevel to the 'INAF' level.
This formal step is required in order to act as a Certification Authority which verifies user generalities and data ownership.
If a user skip this formal authentication step it will havo no access to any private LBC data and will access only to pubblic LBC datas as well as a small set of LSC tools.
To extend data ownership tp all Co P.I.s or collabours/fellows a INAF user can grant its access privileges to another registered user.
For any problem please do not hesitate to contact LSC admin.